October 25, 2010

Makanlah @ Restaurant Fook Seng

My Ipoh Trip (Dinner Time)

 Finally come to our Dinner time..I had read from web about this shop, Most of the Customer also giving a good Comment and now is my turn hihi....They say the Auntie there are very Friendly and the Food also Tasty ...So today i will order their Famous dish - Clay Pot Fish and Bull Frog.

After Slim River toll turn to your left and keep looking right for this shop..just beside the main road and easy to located.

Wah..Mirror mirror on the wall...!!

News-press...Auntie with the big fish!

After a long chatting with the Auntie...tea please!!, Untie say today they had limited of fish and Bull Frog because of Monsoon season..Haiz (expensive) , However she recommend us to try few Local Dishes and also the Clay Pot Fish Grouper Fish (Cheaper).

Clay Pot Grouper Fish.. Hot.Hot..!!..it look like sizzling fish..The fish are grilled 1st then slow cook with the Herb and Spices till the Sauce become Thick, Is new taste for me. 

Rice Wine Kampung Chicken...I vote for this Meal, The Rice wine are taste like liquor , Added Ginger inside are making the sup superior Hot and burning your Throat. Boosting my blood through the brain now..The Chicken is Tender and Chewy..I think because of Kampung Chicken Gua.

Woo Tau Kau Yuk with Taro - Fat..Fat Pork Belly separate with piece by piece of Taro Steamed with Chinese Preserved Red Bean-curd (Nam Yue) and Dried Orange Skin. Truly local taste and is nice to eat with Rice!!!

Bean-Curd Steamed Talapia Fish..Is Spicy and Hot!!..My wife Favorite Dish..Cant live without them.

Petai Prawn (Small) with Sambal Belacan, I will wash my Toilet tonight.

Sweet and Sour Pork...Family favorite dish.

Nice and Clean....Overall Satisfaction is only 70%  lah.

Restaurant Fook Seng

No 20, Jalan Mahsuri
Taman Aman,
35800 Slim River,Perak

Tel : 012-5213013 / 012-5119217
       017-5700331 / 012 5216103

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